Top 100 Birthday SMS, Birthday Messages and Happy Birthday Quotes

Top 100 Birthday SMS, Birthday Messages and Happy Birthday Quotes

A Birthday is a joyful event that gives you a chance to show your love through birthday SMS and care towards your family and friends. Everyone must remember and wish the birthdays to their loved ones to enhance the strength of their relationship by these 10 best birthday SMS messages. The best and perfect time to wish birthday is, of course, sharp at 12 o’ clock. As midnight strikes 12 am, you must be done writing a cute and love-filled statement to with them their birthday.

The birthday wish is the best ever way to show them that you remember them. When it comes to wishing your fellow his/her birthday, it is not only about writing up happy birthday but in fact, it is a note that goes to them with an immense feeling of your concentration.

Now it is the question that how you should make your birthday wish reach them. Thus, the simple and pretty suggestion votes for sending a Birthday SMS. Writing a Birthday SMS makes it easy and instant to send your birthday wish and it assures that it is going to pop up right in time. These days everyone is too much addicted to mobile phones and that is how they can never ignore or miss to read birthday SMS.

The sending of birthday SMS only wants simple clicks and your message is there on their screens. Sometimes it takes just a few seconds to type birthday SMS but at times it feels harder that how to jot down your feelings. All of your birthday SMS writing worries would be gone by now because here you can get a wider choice to select the right birthday SMS for you.

Birthday SMS Messages

Have a fantastic birthday with fabulous fun.

Your birthday starts up with the tick of 12 and my wish is going to hit you right here. Happy Birthday.

Stay blessed today and forever, Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my perfectly best friend with lots of love.

Finally, your birthday is in town… get ready for a party ride. Happy Birthday.

Have a beautiful birthday packed with fun and joy. Happy Birthday.

Be a light, be a friend that stay beside me ever and ever… Happy Birthday.

I bring you the joy of your birthday by adding sweet prayers to your life. Happy Birthday.

May God bless you with long and blessed life. Happy Birthday my dear.

Hurrah… it is my peep’s birthday… I am gonna rock and celebrate with you tonight!

Open up your door to find your birthday surprise… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Play some music, pop up the bottles and dance around to cherish our birthday my pal.

I wish you a splendid birthday with cool surprises coming to your way.

Happy birthday! May you celebrate unlimited birthdays, Amen.

 Beep…beep…beep…it is just to say you Happy Birthday Dude!

My darlo happy birthday to you with my love.

Happy birthday… today do not take care of your makeup cuz you gonna have some creamy splash on your face.

Celebrate your birthday to the fullest and remember it so longer.

Catch the fascinating birthday moments in camera and do not forget to share with friends. Happy birthday.

It is your cake time. Eat as much as you want and I will sing Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday brings a sweet smile on your face and tonight I wish catching it from your lips. Happy Birthday.

I love being with you my best friend and therefore I am inviting you to celebrate your day with me. Happy Birthday.

Food, friends, gifts, love, music, photographs and so much more… Happy Birthday!

Celebrate your birthday bliss with shiny smile, blooming joy and rocking fun.

Happy birthday to my funky friend!

Happy Birthday to my lovely child. I will love making muffins for your birthday treat so get ready sooner!

Happy birthday to the world’s most beautiful lady!

I wish your birthday bring all the delights that taste sweeter than ever!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy, happy, happy birthday to you!

Since your birthday is here… I am going to catch you with the most surprising surprise… Coming to you with your GF… lols! Happy Birthday Dude.

I wish you the glow from sunshine, sweetness from honey, peace from sky, beauty from flowers on your birthday.

May your heart find infinite happiness today and ever. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday freaky friend with all devilish treats and haunting surprises.

May best blessings keep adorning your life. Happy Birthday.

I wish that the sugary blessings glaze your life. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the astonishing fellow.

Before your heart goes wild for your birthday celebration, I want you to read my Birthday wish… Happy Birthday Dear!

Have a good goody birthday day.

It is your day… yes your birthday. Happy Birthday.

I pray that you find ultimate joy in each day of your life. Happy Birthday.

Dad’s home to wish my birthday girl… Happiest Birthday!

Birthday splash will make your day cooler… Happy Birthday… stay with me!

The night has brought your birthday with trillions of starts and moonlight to congratulate you a brilliant day ahead!

Celebrate like a boss… happy birthday boss!

No more excuses, no more lame words… drive to my home and get your birthday hug.

Wishing you a super crispy and crunchy birthday.

Boom… Boom… Boom… Birthday celebrations!

Congratulations for becoming a hot teenager… stay hot!

Happy Birthday to the God gifted friend.

I wish you a super star like birthday.

East or West, I will never forget, the day you were born, so… Happy Birthday my dear!

Wishing my sweetheart darling a very gorgeous birthday!

Smile, jump and hug … it is your birthday.

Hullo gorgeous… Happy Birthday!

Your birthday present is all set to knock at your door… hang on ill then… happy birthday.

I wish I could come myself and give you warm hug on your birthday. Happy birthday.

Distance does not matter anymore when your hearts are closer… happy birthday.

I wish your birthday be a day to live louder and celebrate all the joy.

I love you… happy birthday.

Come along and sing with me your birthday song… happy Birthday to you.

The day that been awaited so long has come eventually… happy birthday honey.

[Happy Birthday]


I wish that we stay together forever, happy birthday.

This birthday I am sending you my love encoded in this SMS… decode it instantly.

Ya ba da ba dooooo… happy Birthday to YOU!

On your this birthday we are planning to turn your night up… we will be right there soon… happy birthday girl!

Happy birthday with cute smile and cheer.

Cheers, it is your birthday!

May the wind chimers sing a melodious birthday song to you while you light up your candles on the cake.

This birthday we are gonna party together all night long… birthday bliss.

 Birthday Peep.

I wish you a successful life on your birthday.

When you celebrate your birthday do not forget that somebody is me praying for your happiness.

Have unlimited fun together with your friends and family… Happy Birthday.

‘birthday, luv!

Have bombastic birthday celebration.

Cutie pie I wish you thousands of happy moments on your birthday.

Happy birthday with total fun coming to your way.

Hey are you tensed for becoming older… forget it and enjoy your growth. Happy birthday.

Sweetie… have a sweet sixteenth birthday.

Happy birthday to outstanding guy!

Celebrate this day with great zeal and zest. Happy Birthday.

Stay happy and blessed. Happy birthday.

Have a stunning birthday my stunner!

Happy birthday to someone elegant and totally gorgeous.

Happy birthday to my best teacher and mentor!

May you rise and shine, Amen.

Celebrate, happy birthday.

Meet me on the brink of tonight and get your birthday surprise. Happy birthday.

Have spicy and chill birthday.

Party is on… Happy Birthday Buddy!

I wish you the most cherished joy on your birthday.

Happy birthday beautiful.

It is never too late to wish birthday… happy belated birthday.

I can write you a long birthday note but let’s keep that for pager… let me say Happy Birthday for now.

Happy Birthday sugar filled baby!

I wish you a birthday that bloom your heart and turn up your day.

Happy birthday to my lovely lady with love.

I wish a grand birthday celebration coming to your way.

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